Super Absorbent Microfiber YOGA MAT / HAND TOWEL

Super Absorbent Microfiber YOGA MAT / HAND TOWEL - SISYAMA

Engineered absorbent microfiber Hot YOGA MAT / HAND TOWEL

"Revolutionary built-in fabric traction meaning your towel will stay put for the entire practice.

No more break from your Vinyasa to fix the bunches.

Skidless microfiber Yoga towel prevents slipping and quickly absorbs your sweat.

68""x24"" as most yoga mats. Also available in 16"x30"

Try to spray it down with water before you begin to practice.


DO NOT use fabric softener or it might lose traction. Machine washable and dryer safe - no silicone nubs, no crack and no peel. Color will NEVER run or fade.

Thank for looking and enjoy your practice."

  • Engineered microfiber is 20 times more absorbent than cotton.
  • Revolutionary built-in fabric traction prevents slipping. Advanced Microfiber engineered with high density material that is super absorbent.
  • No nubs - dryer safe. Sewn-in borders to better hold the towel on the mat.
  • Mat Towel:24"x68" Hand Towel:16"x30"
$ 9.99