SISYAMA Folding Yoga Mat Thick Girls Kids Pink Eco-Friendly Travel Non Slip Chinese Zodiac Foldable KNEE PAD

SISYAMA Folding Yoga Mat Thick Girls Kids Pink Eco-Friendly Travel Non Slip Chinese Zodiac Foldable KNEE PAD - SISYAMA

Take Your Yoga Practice Everywhere with a Beautiful, Folding, Travel Yoga Mat by Sisyama!

Are you tired of letting the constant back-and-forth compromise yoga “me” time?

Would you like a convenient yoga mat that you can carry with you on the go?

Well, we’ve engineered this folding yoga mat just for you.

Compact and lightweight, it can easily be folded down to the size of a book, so you can carry it in your bag or backpack and practice anytime, anywhere!

Protect Your Knees and Back and Avoid Injuries

Boasting durable, eco-friendly materials, this folding travel yoga mat is thick enough to provide your body with the right amount of support it needs for every chaturanga, downward dog, warrior pose, and beyond.

The nonslip design will stop your mat from sliding around on the floor and give extra grip to your hands for increased stability, so you can focus only on the breath.

Make a Conscious Choice

Why jeopardize your health with chemically laden yoga mats? Invest in an environmentally-friendly, phthalate and latex free, 100% non toxic yoga mat and enhance your practice with peace of mind.

Impress Your Loved Ones with a Thoughtful Gift

Are you looking for a unique gift for the yoga lovers in your life?

Look no further! Decorated with Chinese Zodiac signs, it offers a refreshing alternative to the standard, dull yoga mats and comes complete with an instruction manual. It’s ready for gifting.

Backed by a full money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

Order Your Folding Travel Yoga Mat Today and Get Your “Me” Time Back!

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  • GET THE TRACTION YOU NEED: Enhance your yoga practice with this portable, folding, non slip yoga mat, beautifully adorned with Chinese Zodiac signs. Thick and durable, this yoga mat offers generous support for your knees and hands and is available in two vibrant colors.
  • TAKE YOUR YOGA PRACTICE ON THE GO: Don’t let the frequent back-and-forth affect your yoga. No matter where your travels take you, this lightweight travel yoga mat can easily fold to the size of a book and fit in your carry on or backpack, so you can have your “me” time wherever and whenever. Dimensions: 24" x 68" x 3.5mm. Folds to 12" x 10" x 9cm.
  • THE ECO-FRIENDLY CHOICE: Designed for the environmentally conscious yogi, this folding yoga mat is made of non-toxic, all green materials free from phthalate and latex. At SISYAMA, we believe that you deserve the best.
  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT: Show your love and appreciation to the yogis of your life with a beautiful and practical gift that they’ll use every day. Neatly folded and beautifully packed in a box, this yoga mat is ready for gifting.
  • GET IT WITH CONFIDENCE: This folding travel yoga mat is backed by a full money back guarantee. If you are not 100% happy with your order, you can return it for a full refund, hassle-free. So with nothing to lose, give yourself the gift of this mat.
$ 17.99